Customer Testimonials

"Best money I’ve ever spent! Very inexpensive for the peace of mind during a very stressful event. You guys took the load right off my shoulders. My advocate contacted me within an hour of reporting the fraud to my CU and the year of monitoring has me feeling much better about everything. 10/10… I highly recommend."
- Brianna A.

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"Our recovery advocate was extremely professional and helpful. We would not have gotten to this point without their help."
Casey C.

"My advocate is amazing. It was nice to have someone walk me through the process and reassure me along the way. He was always very nice and answered all my questions. No matter how simple or complicated my question, he treated them all with respect. What a joy to work with!"
Tiffany G.

"It was great to have your help and timely advice I needed during this situation."
Michael W.

"My advocate was wonderful. She was on top of everything and knew what to do quickly and efficiently. She helped take the stress away from handling an ugly situation."
Diane M.

"I can't say enough good things about this service! Not only was my advocate courteous and helpful but conducted himself as a true professional throughout the entire process from start to finish. My advocate is a keeper!"
Larry H.

"I have to say that I am extremely happy and proud to have had an amazing experience. My recovery expert was awesome. She was very helpful and diligent with her outreach and follow up."
Brian T.

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